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Applicable Product Models
The information in this guide relates to the following:
Power Meters:
ML2437A, ML2438A, ML2487B, ML2488B, ML2495A, ML2496A
Diode Sensors:
MA2442D, MA2444D, MA2445D, MA2472D, MA2473D, MA2474D, MA2475D, MA2481D, MA2482D, MA2490A, MA2491A
Pulse Sensor:
Thermal Sensors:
MA24002A, MA24004A, MA24005A
USB Sensors:
MA24105A, MA24106A, MA24108A, MA24118A, MA24126A, MA24208A, MA24218A, MA24330A, MA24340A, MA24350A, MA24406A, MA24418A, MA24419A, MA24440A, MA24441A
Power Master:
MA24507A, MA24510A