PowerXpert™ Help : Using Demo Application : Using the MA242x8A, MA243x0A Series Demo Application
Using the MA242x8A, MA243x0A Series Demo Application
The demo application for MA242x8A and MA243x0A series USB power sensors allows you to interface with the power sensor using the remote programming protocol. The sample code is available on the Anritsu Website at: http://www.anritsu.com. Simply search for your sensor, open the product page, and find the drivers and demo app download in the "Library" section, or click here: Drivers Software Downloads. The Anritsu Sensor Driver DLL provides.NET 4.0 based API that can be used within the application to connect to and interact with a USB power sensor. The Demo Application’s interface is shown below:
Demo Application
Anritsu recommends that you use the source code and project available on the Anritsu website to get the latest version.
Launch the Demo Application:
1. User must close all applications which communicate with power sensors prior to running the Demo Application. The Anritsu Sensor Driver Reference Guide downloaded from the web provides the Overview, Getting Started Instructions and Sample Code to launch the Demo Application. Double click on BBSensorDriverDemo.exe. The application screen shown in Figure: Demo Application will appear.
2. Connect the power sensor to the PC using the USB cable and click Find Devices.
3. Select the desired sensor from the device list and click Open Device
Once the device is opened successfully you can use the function buttons provided for power readings, frequency readings and settings, Set List Mode Parameters and List Start. Find the Code C# link in your download folder as well.