PowerXpert™ Help : Upgrading Power Sensor Firmware – MA241xxA Series : MA24105A, MA24108A, MA24118A, and MA24126A Firmware Upgrade
MA24105A, MA24108A, MA24118A, and MA24126A Firmware Upgrade
1. Download the appropriate firmware upgrade file for your sensor model number from http://www.anritsu.com and save it to C:\Program Files\Anritsu\PowerXpert\.
Before launching the firmware upgrade utility, make sure that you have the sensor firmware file available. Failure to complete the firmware installation will render the power sensor inoperable.
Earlier versions of the MA24108A and MA24118A power sensors used an Atmel upgrade driver. This driver must first be uninstalled from the USB devices listed in Windows Device Manager before upgrading the firmware. See Removing Old Upgrade Driver.
If for any reason the sensor becomes stuck in upgrade mode, the message “Found a sensor in Upgrade mode, click here to Upgrade or Restore.” (Figure: Sensor in Upgrade Mode Indication) appears on the PowerXpert window. Click on the message to continue the upgrade or to restore the sensor to its original firmware state. Follow the instructions below starting at Step 7.
Sensor in Upgrade Mode Indication
2. Launch PowerXpert.
3. Launch the Update Firmware command from the Tools menu.
4. Follow the on-screen instructions and refer to the following detailed instructions as needed.
5. First the upgrade wizard verifies the firmware upgrade file is on your computer. A navigation window (Figure: Firmware File Access Verification) automatically opens to the default location: C:\Program Files\Antritsu\PowerXpert\. If this is not the location to which you downloaded the file, you will need to navigate to its download location.
Firmware File Access Verification
6. Select the appropriate file name for your sensor and click Open.
When this command is sent, the message shown in Figure: Firmware Upgrade Dialog appears, the sensor goes into upgrade mode, and the sensor status LED turns amber color. The LED must turn green before continuing.
Firmware Upgrade Dialog
If this is the first time you are upgrading the sensor’s firmware, the power sensor upgrade driver must first be installed. In this case, the Windows Found New Hardware wizard automatically starts so the driver can be installed before the firmware upgrade continues.
Install the driver before clicking OK in the dialog box shown above in Figure: Firmware Upgrade Dialog. If OK is clicked before the driver is installed, the COM port of the sensor will not be enumerated in the upgrade utility and the upgrade cannot proceed. When this happens, disconnect the USB cable from the sensor, close and restart the PowerXpert application, then reconnect the sensor. The message shown in Figure: Sensor in Upgrade Mode Indication will appear. Follow the instructions in the message to resume the upgrade.
The power sensor upgrade driver installation is similar to the power sensor driver installation detailed in Installing Power Sensor Drivers except that the sensor will be identified as “Anritsu Sensor Upgrade Driver”. The system should automatically find the driver and install it after a warning.
Windows 7 operating system: the “Anritsu Sensor Upgrade Driver” is referred to as “GPS camera detect” by the OS because of a conflict in the driver. The SAM-BA functionality remains unaffected.
If the upgrade driver has already been installed, go to Step 7 to continue firmware upgrade.
7. If the upgrade driver is installed, continue with the firmware upgrade by following the on-screen steps shown in Figure: Firmware Upgrade Dialog. The same steps are listed below:
a. Disconnect the USB cable at the sensor end.
b. Reconnect the USB cable at the sensor. Wait a few seconds.
c. Click OK.
If the SAM-BA firmware upgrade utility does not start automatically, start it from:
C:\Program Files\Anritsu\PowerXpert\SensorUpgradeUtility.exe
8. The SAM-BA connection dialog appears as shown in Figure: SAM-BA Configuration Dialog. Select the connection and board as follows:
a. Select or type the connection: COMX, where X is the COM port number to which the upgrade mode sensor is connected.
The COM port number can be checked from the Windows Device Manager. If you do not see the sensor listed in the Device Manager | Ports, see Removing Old Upgrade Driver.
b. Select your board: USB_POWER_SENSOR
The SAM-BA firmware upgrade utility requires that the serial ports between COM2 and COM49 be used. You can find out the COM port number by going to:
Start | Settings | Control Panel | System | Hardware | Device Manager | Ports (COM & LPT).
If the assigned COM port for the “Anritsu Sensor Upgrade Driver” is COM50 or greater, then the COM port number must be reassigned to less than COM50 and the SAM-BA firmware upgrade utility must be relaunched from C:\Program Files\Anritsu\PowerXpert\SensorUpgradeUtility.exe.
Refer to USB/Serial Port Compatibility for additional information.
SAM-BA Configuration Dialog
9. Click Connect to proceed.
The External RAM init. dialog then appears.
10. Click Yes on the External RAM init. dialog.
External RAM init. Dialog
If the sensor is stuck in the Upgrade mode and you are returning it to its original firmware state, in the next step click on the “Execute” button only.
11. When the SAM-BA firmware upgrade utility shown in Figure: SAM-BA Firmware Upgrade Utility appears, do the following:
a. In the Send File Name field, browse for the latest firmware file downloaded from the Anritsu Web site (MA24105A.bin, MA24108A.bin, MA24118A.bin, or MA24126A.bin).
b. Click Send File (a Sending File status message should pop up).
c. After the bin file is sent, click No in the Lock region(s) to lock pop-up dialog.
d. In the scripts group field, select Boot from flash (GPNVM 2), and then click Execute.
SAM-BA Firmware Upgrade Utility
12. Close the SAM-BA interface and disconnect the sensor from the USB cable.
13. Reconnect the sensor.
If the status light is green, the sensor is programmed successfully and the Anritsu PowerXpert application automatically detects the upgraded sensor.