PowerXpert™ Help : Upgrading Power Sensor Firmware – MA241xxA Series : Recovering a Sensor Stuck in Firmware Upgrade Mode
Recovering a Sensor Stuck in Firmware Upgrade Mode
If for any reason the sensor becomes stuck in firmware upgrade mode, the message “Found a sensor in Upgrade mode, Click here to Upgrade or Restore.” appears on the PowerXpert window (see Figure: Sensor in Upgrade Mode Indication). To recover the sensor:
1. Click on the message to begin the restore process.
2. Perform Step 7 through Step 10 in MA24105A, MA24108A, MA24118A, and MA24126A Firmware Upgrade.
3. When the SAM-BA utility screen appears, click the Execute button only to restore the original sensor firmware.
4. Close the SAM-BA interface and disconnect the sensor from the USB cable.
5. Reconnect the sensor.
6. If the status light is green, the sensor is restored successfully and the Anritsu PowerXpert application automatically detects the sensor.