PowerXpert™ Help : Upgrading Power Sensor Firmware – MA241xxA Series : Removing Old Upgrade Driver
Removing Old Upgrade Driver
Earlier versions of the MA24108A and MA24118A power sensors used an Atmel upgrade driver. This driver must first be uninstalled from the USB devices listed in Windows Device Manager before upgrading the firmware. Use the following steps to check for and remove the old driver.
1. To find out if your sensor uses the Atmel upgrade driver, start Update Firmware and follow the instructions including disconnecting and reconnecting the USB cable.
The sensor should show up as Anritsu Sensor Upgrade Driver in Device Manager | Ports. If it does not show up in the list and does not ask for a driver, perform the remaining steps to remove the old driver and install the new one.
2. The old driver can be seen in Device Manager | Universal Device Controllers listed as atm6124.sys ATMEL AT91xxxxx Test Board when you connect a sensor in upgrade mode. Right‑click this item and select Uninstall to remove this driver.
3. Disconnect and reconnect the USB cable at the sensor. The system should look for a driver and start the Windows Found New Hardware wizard .
4. Follow the wizard instructions to complete the driver installation. You should now see the sensor listed as Anritsu Sensor Upgrade Driver in Device Manager | Ports and be able to complete the sensor firmware upgrade.