PowerXpert™ Help : Updating Power Sensor Firmware - MA242x8A and MA243x0A Series : MA242x8A, MA243x0A Update Firmware
MA242x8A, MA243x0A Update Firmware
1. Download the latest firmware update file for your sensor model from http://www.anritsu.com and save it to C:\Program Files\Anritsu\PowerXpert\.
2. Launch the Update Firmware command from the Tools menu. See Figure: Update Firmware.
Update Firmware
Firmware Update Screen
3. Select Browse on the Firmware Updater Screen. Refer to Figure: Firmware Update Screen.
Verifying Location of Firmware File
4. Select the .mcs file that you want to load into the Browse text box. Figure: Verifying Location of Firmware File.
Firmware Installation Update Screen
5. Click the flashing Update button. The update process will be displayed on the Firmware Updater screen Figure: Updating Firmware Screen.
Updating Firmware Screen
6. The Exit button highlights when the firmware update process is complete. Figure: Firmware Updater Complete Screen.
Firmware Updater Complete Screen
7. Close the Anritsu firmware update application by clicking on Exit button and power cycle the sensor by disconnecting USB cable and connecting it back to the PC USB port.