PowerXpert™ Help : Updating Power Sensor Firmware - MA242x8A and MA243x0A Series : Recovering From an Unsuccessful Firmware Update
Recovering From an Unsuccessful Firmware Update
If the firmware update fails or is interrupted for any reason, the next time the sensor boots up it will use the permanent backup firmware. To recover from an unsuccessful firmware update, simply disconnect and reconnect the sensor to the PC and try again. When the displayed firmware version starts with “UPDATE_ME” it means the sensor is running the backup firmware and will not be fully functional until a successful firmware update occurs. The message “Update Firmware” will be displayed as shown in Figure: Update Firmware.
Update Firmware
No Sensor Connected
A power sensor must be connected to update the firmware. The No Sensor screen Figure: No Sensor Displayed.
indicates that:
The USB connection has failed.
The power sensor is not compatible with the current file being installed.
No power sensor is connected into a USB connector.
No Sensor Displayed