PowerXpert™ Help : USB/Serial Port Compatibility
USB/Serial Port Compatibility
The SAM-BA upgrade utility is used with the MA241xxA models only. The SAM-BA upgrade utility requires that the serial ports between COM2 and COM49 are used. You can find out the COM port number by going to Start | Settings | Control Panel | System | Hardware | Device Manager | Ports (COM & LPT). Disconnect and reconnect the power sensor’s USB cable from the computer and notice the new COM port number that appears in the Ports list.
Device Manager
If this number is less than 49, then the PC application will work fine. However, if Windows maps your serial port to a port number greater than 49, such as COM51 or COM52 depending on which USB port that is being used, follow one of the three options outlined below. Whichever method you use, you should only need to perform the procedure once.
Method 1–Download Updated Software
Method 2–Trying a Different USB Port
Method 3–Remapping a Serial Port