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Initial Inspection
Inspect the shipping container for damage. If the shipping container is damaged, retain it until the contents of the shipment have been checked against the packing list checked for mechanical and electrical operation. If the contents should need to be returned, see Instrument Care and Preventive Maintenance. The following items are included with every shipment:
MA24105A, Inline Peak Power Sensor
Quick Start Guide
2000-1606-R, 1.8 meter USB A to Micro‑B Cable with Latch
Certificate of Calibration
MA24106A, USB Power Sensor
Quick Start Guide
2000-1566-R, USB 2.0 A to Mini-B Cable
Certificate of Calibration
MA24126A, MA24x08A, MA24x18A and MA243x0A:
MA24x08A, MA24x18A, or MA24126A USB Power Sensor
Quick Start Guide
2000-1605-R, 1.5 meter BNC(M) to MCX(M) Cable
MA24108A, MA24118A, and MA24126A uses a USB 2.0 A to Mini-B cable with latch
MA24208A, MA24218A, and MA243x0A uses a 1.83 meter USB-A to Micro-B Cable
Certificate of Calibration
MA24507A, MA24510A:
MA245xxA Power Master mmWave Power Analyzer
Quick Start Guide
2000-1859-R 1.0 m USB A to C Port Cable
Certificate of Calibration
Calibration and Verification
The power sensors and Power Masters comes fully calibrated from the factory and there are user-serviceable parts inside. Anritsu recommends annual calibration and performance verification by local Anritsu service centers. Accredited calibration to ISO17025 and ANSI/NCSL Z540-1 are available and can include a calibration certificate, test report, and uncertainty data.
Contact your local Anritsu Service Center and return defective sensors with a detailed description of the observed problem.