PowerXpert™ Help : Using Power Master with PowerXpert : Power Hunter Mode
Power Hunter Mode
Power Hunter Mode allows the user to search for up to six CW amplitude peaks within a user-defined frequency span. The Power Hunter Mode display window contains the following information.
Power Hunter Mode User Interface Screen
Power Hunter Mode Setting
Start frequency (MA24507A)
9.5 kHz to 70 GHz - 1 kHz
Start frequency (MA24510A)
9.5 kHz to 110 GHz - 1 kHz
Stop frequency
70 GHz
Stop frequency
110 GHz
Start / stop freq units
kHz, MHz, GHz
dBm, nW, µW, mW, W
Low, Medium, High
Set minimum power
Selected or not
Minimum power
–130 to 0 dBm
General Settings
1 to 1000
Offset (dB)
–100 to +150
Apply Above Settings
Select Activates Settings