PowerXpert™ Help : Using Power Master with PowerXpert : Power Hunter Settings
Power Hunter Settings
Power Hunter mode only supports CW max mode.
Start/Stop Frequency
Start and stop frequencies define the frequency window in which Power Master will search for CW “peaks”. If six sensors are connected, PowerXpert will return the six highest CW values and the associated frequencies.
Start / Stop Freq Units
Select either kHz, MHz, or GHz.
Displays units of power in linear or log scale (dBm, nW, µW, mW, W).
Resolution allows the user to choose between optimizing speed or lowering the noise floor. When Resolution is set to “Low”, the sensor will make more readings per second, but have a higher noise floor. Conversely, setting Resolution to “High” will lower the noise floor, but the sensor will make fewer readings per second.
Set Minimum Power
Power Hunter allows the user to set a minimum to the power values returned by the sensor. When a minimum power is defined, Power Hunter will only display the CW peaks above that minimum threshold. In the case where there are fewer than six CW peaks, the extra lines will remain blank.
Minimum Power
Provides means to enter in minimum power point. Range is 0 to –130 dBm.