PowerXpert™ Help : Using Power Master with PowerXpert : Channel Monitor Mode Settings
Channel Monitor Mode Settings
Measurement – CW/Channel Mode
The CW/Channel mode pull down lets you select between Channel Power and CW Max mode. In Channel Power mode, the sensor will calculate the average integrated power across the entire user-defined span. Channel Power mode should be used when measuring average power of modulated signals.
In CW Max mode, the sensor will return the highest CW “peak” amplitude value within the user-defined channel. Note that the “peak” amplitude returned by the sensor is not necessarily at the user-defined center frequency. It is the highest average CW amplitude within the range of center frequency ± span/2.
In Channel Monitor mode, Span works with the frequencies defined in the power reading display area in the same way as it does with the center frequency in Continuous mode. The difference in Channel Monitor mode is that Span is limited to 20 MHz for each frequency channel.
Displays units of power in linear or log scale (dBm, nW, µW, mW, W).
Resolution is available when measurement setting is set to CW max. Resolution allows the user to choose between optimizing speed or lowering the noise floor. When Resolution is set to “Low”, the sensor will make more readings per second, but have a higher noise floor. Conversely, setting Resolution to “High” will lower the noise floor, but the sensor will make fewer readings per second.
Measurement Hold
When set to On, holds the last sensor readings. When set to Off, the sensor continues to sample measurements.