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Channel Monitor Mode Display Area
The Channel Monitor mode numerical display window contains the following information:
Channel Monitor Numerical Display Area
Communications port type used to connect the sensor.
Model number of the connected power sensor.
Serial number of the connected power sensor.
Channel/CW mode setting
Averaging count
Fixed offset value
Indicates that PowerXpert is in Channel Monitor mode.
Channel Monitor Display
The Channel Monitor readings display window is where the user enters the center frequencies. To monitor a frequency, simply click on one of the channels, type in the center frequency in GHz, and press enter or click out of the channel. The power will be displayed in the “Power (Units)” column. The user can enter up to six different frequencies. The same span and mode (defined in the left hand menu) will be applied to all channels. The delta channel (1) column displays the calculated difference between each channel to the referenced-channel (1).
Channel Monitor Mode Measurement Display Area