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Multiple Sensor Display
PowerXpert provides a Multiple Sensor Display screen that shows simultaneous measurements of up to eight sensors. This display is in addition to the normal PowerXpert display and is enabled by clicking Tools | Show Multiple Sensor Display. Average power measurements are displayed when in Continuous Mode for the MA245xxA Power Master and the MA241xxA, MA242xxA and MA243xxA USB power sensors.
Only one MA245xxA Power Master can be connected to a PC at a time, but one MA245xxA Power Master can be used with multiple other Anritsu USB power sensors, such as the MA241xxA, MA242xxA and MA243xxA USB power sensors.
The Multiple Sensor Display provides an active sensor status. See Figure: Multiple Sensor Display. This display shows three devices connected. The top display shows a MA24118A power sensor is connected and is in Scope Mode, (Not available for the MA245xxA Power Master). The next two readouts show the average power measurements when in Continuous Mode by a MA245xxA and the MA24350A.
Multiple Sensor Display
The settings displayed in each measurement window apply to that power sensor or Power Master. To change a device’s settings, access that power sensor or Power Master by going to the Sensor Information menu and select the sensor serial number of the device. Refer to Figure: Sensor Information Menu.
Sensor Information Menu