PowerXpert™ Help : Using Power Master : Error Messages
Error Messages
Error messages are described in Table: MA245xxA Power Master Error Messages. The status LED for MA245xxA Power Master will blink green when an error state occurs. In most cases, the error condition can be easily corrected. If the error condition cannot be corrected, note the error message and contact an Anritsu Service Center.
MA245xxA Power Master Error Messages
Temp Out of Range
The Power Master is operating outside of its specified range of 0 ºC to 50 ºC.
Operate the Power Master within its specified range.
REDUCE POWER, Max Power Exceeded
This message appears on the application screen if excess power is applied to the Power Master.
The maximum input power damage level is +30 dBm. Reduce the input power to the Power Master to within acceptable limits (< 20 dBm).