PowerXpert™ Help : Programming Commands for Power Master : Introduction : Device Driver for MS Windows
Device Driver for MS Windows
The Power Master device driver .inf file should be installed in Microsoft Windows. The device driver contains the device specific configuration or settings, such as USB Vendor ID (VID) and Product ID (PID), to bring the Power Master online. The device driver is installed automatically by the PowerXpert installation. To install manually:
1. Open Windows Device Manager by clicking Start and typing “Device Manager”, then opening the first result.
2. If the drivers are not already installed, when connected to the PC, the device may show in the Device Manager as “Westbridge” or “Unknown Device”. Locate the Power Master in the Device Manager tree by finding the new entry that is added when the device gets connected to the PC.
3. Right click the device in Windows Device Manager and select Update Driver Software...
4. Click “Browse my computer for driver software”.
5. Click “Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer”.
6. Click “Have Disk...”
7. Browse to and select the device driver appropriate for your PC.
8. Click “Next”.
9. Allow the driver to finish installing. Windows User Account Control may ask if you want to install the driver.
10. Click yes.
11. Run Anritsu Device Monitor to automatically load the firmware. You will see a Windows error message stating that the backend loader is incomplete. This is to be expected. At this point, the device will re-enumerate as a different device. The drivers will need to be installed again for this new device. Repeat Step 2 through Step 9
The Device Monitor appears in the system tray and provides the MA245xxA Power Master details.
Device Monitor
Remote Programming Interface
The MA245xxA Power Master utilizes Super Speed USB 3.0 technology for speed and power and communicates using SCPI commands. In order to provide the SCPI interface via TCPIP socket, the Anritsu Device Monitor must be running on the PC where the device is connected. The Anritsu Device Monitor will recognize when the device is plugged in and launch the necessary background software automatically.
Applications may handle the network socket communication themselves and control the MA245xxA Power Master using the SCPI command set. The IP address of the instrument is the IP address of the PC to which the Power Master is physically connected. If the software is running on the same PC, then the address would be “localhost” or, and the network socket port number used by MA245xxA Power Master is 9001. If using a newer version of Windows 10, then the network socket port number used by MA245xxA Power Master is 59001. The MA245xxA Power Master can also be controlled remotely using National Instruments VISA using TCPIP mode.