PowerXpert™ Help : Installing PowerXpert : PC Requirements
PC Requirements
Please make sure that the following minimum requirements are met for installing and using the software:
Intel® Pentium® III with 1 GB RAM or Intel® Pentium® IV with 512 MB RAM, or equivalent
(Intel® Pentium® IV with 1 GB RAM recommended; a dual core processor with 2 GB RAM is recommended for use with the multisensor feature.)
All versions of Microsoft® Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7 and Windows Vista®, Windows XP. Check the TDS of your power sensor to confirm the compatibility of your operating system.
100 MB hard-disk free space
Display resolution 1024 × 768
High speed USB 2.0 for MA242x8A and MA243x0A sensors
Super speed USB 3.0 for MA245xxA Power Master power analyzers
Microsoft® .NET Framework Version 4.0 or higher
PowerXpert needs .Net Framework 4.0. The PowerXpert installation will detect whether or not this is already on your PC and will provide a message if it is not installed. This framework version is included in both Minimal & Full version of installers.
Earlier versions of PowerXpert and the ATMEL SAM-BA software must first be uninstalled from the PC before installing PowerXpert.
Earlier versions of the MA24108A, MA24118A, or MA24126A power sensors must be upgraded with firmware version 2.0 or later to use all of the features of PowerXpert (firmware must be upgraded using PowerXpert). Refer to Upgrading Power Sensor Firmware – MA241xxA Series for information about upgrading the power sensor firmware.