PowerXpert™ Help : Using USB Power Sensors with PowerXpert
Using USB Power Sensors with PowerXpert
Connect USB Power Sensor
PowerXpert Settings with USB Power Sensors
PowerXpert Graphic User Interface
Sensor Information
Measurement and Status Window
Continuous Mode
Graphical Display Area
Duty Cycle
Forward Measurement
Reverse Measurement
Video Bandwidth
Aperture Time
Measurement Hold
Apply Above Settings Button
Time Slot Mode
Number of Slots
Slot Width
Start and End Exclusion
Apply Above Settings Button
Scope Mode
Parameters of Operation
Gate and Fence
List Mode
List Mode Setup File
Setup File Example
List Mode Output File
General Settings
Zero Sensor
Auto Average
Auto Averaging Source
Averaging Method
Apply Above Settings Button
Trigger Settings
Trigger Source
Trigger Level
Trigger Edge
Trigger Delay
Trigger Holdoff
Noise Immunity
Arm Trigger Button
Tools Menu
Zero All Sensors
Capture Screen
Log Data
Show Multiple Sensor Display
Summary Display
Offset Table
Offset Table Setup
Update Firmware
Advanced Features
Enhanced Modulation
Step Detect
Settings Menu
Saving and Recalling Settings
Resetting to Factory Settings
Sensor TimeOut Setting
Secure Mode
No Sensor
Clearing the Non-Volatile Data Flash
This chapter provides information on using the Anritsu PowerXpert application, a data analysis, and control software for use with Anritsu’s USB power sensors. If using a Power Master, see Using Power Master with PowerXpert.
PowerXpert provides a graphical user interface (GUI), making the PC appear like a traditional power meter that facilitates average power, time slot, and scope-like measurements. PowerXpert is operational with up to eight power sensors. Depending on which power sensors are connected to the PC, the PowerXpert application operates in four distinct modes as follows:
Continuous Mode available with all power sensors
Time Slot Mode available with the MA24x08A, MA24x18A, and MA24126A only
Scope Mode available with the MA24x08A, MA24x18A, MA24126A and MA243x0A only
List Mode available with the MA24208A, MA24218A and MA243x0A only
When operating the MA245xxA Power Master, the MA241xxx Series, MA242xxx, and MA243xxx USB power sensors can be connected to make separate power measurements simultaneously in Continuous mode. For details, see Show Multiple Sensor Display.
For information about using your power sensor, refer to one of the following chapters for your power sensor:
Using the MA24105A
Using the MA24106A
Using the MA24x08A, MA24x18A, and MA24126A
Using the MA243x0A
The power sensors are also compatible with most Anritsu RF and microwave handheld analyzers. The power sensor easily connects to these instruments via a USB A to Mini-/Micro-B cable, turning them into a virtual power meter. Please refer to instrument-specific user guides for operation of the sensors.