PowerXpert™ Help : Using USB Power Sensors with PowerXpert : List Mode
List Mode
List mode is only available with power sensor models MA242x8A and MA243x0A. In List mode, the sensor can take up to 1000 measurements with different settings defined for each measurement. The measurement settings are defined in a setup file which must be sent to the sensor before starting the measurement process. The sensor needs to be externally triggered to perform each measurement. After each measurement is complete, the sensor sends a trigger out signal to indicate its readiness for the next trigger. In this way, handshaking can occur to synchronize the sensor and the device-under-test. When all measurements are completed, the results will be displayed in a table. If any error occurred during a measurement, the table row of the corresponding measurement will be highlighted in red.
List Mode Setup File
In List mode, the correct settings for each measurement are specified in a text file which is sent to the sensor. A List Mode window is shown in Figure: List Mode Settings. To send a setup file to the sensor, browse to and select the file by clicking the button next to the List File text box, then click the “Upload Settings to Sensor” button. The user must load the sensor with a setup file containing a list of frequency (GHz), aperture time (ms), and average count settings using the LOADLIST command where each set of settings corresponds to one measurement setup. See Setup File Example. The file format of the setup file is specified below. It needs be a (.csv) file that contain a header followed by up to 1000 sets of settings, each on their own line. The file must end with a blank line. The file format is comma separated value (.csv). Once a setup file has been sent to the sensor, the “Start List Measurement” button will become available to start the measurement process. See List Mode Output File.
List Mode Settings
List Mode Settings
Setup File Example
Frequency (GHz), Aperture Time (ms), Average Count
<blank line>
List Mode Data Display
List Mode Output File
The results from the List mode measurements can be saved to an output file. Browse to a location by clicking the button next to the Output File text box, enter the desired filename and click save. Once a List mode run has completed, the results can be saved to the output file by clicking the “Save Results to Output File” button.