PowerXpert™ Help : Using USB Power Sensors with PowerXpert : Advanced Features
Advanced Features
Advanced Features provides the Enhanced Modulation and Step Detect submenus.
Enhanced Modulation
This feature is active with the MA242x8A sensors only. The enhanced modulation has a different algorithm to compute the final power reading based on sampled voltages, and is available in all the modes supported. The crossover power between ranges are set 3 dB lower in enhanced modulation to allow for the modulated signal.
Step Detect
While using auto averaging, the step detect feature allows the sensor’s power readings to jump quickly to the actual input power when a large change in power is detected. When viewing power versus time in Continuous Average mode in PowerXpert, the averaging count calculated by auto averaging can be high enough to cause a noticeable settling time in the power readings. When step detect is enabled the power readings will jump quickly to near the actual input power level. Step detect causes the plotted data to appear to reach the actual input power faster, but note that the actual settling time remains the same.