PowerXpert™ Help : Using USB Power Sensors with PowerXpert : No Sensor
No Sensor
The No Sensor message shown in Figure: No Sensor Connected is displayed:
If there is no response from the sensor after re-arming of the trigger..
No Sensor Connected
If the sensor detects that trigger arming is set, then there was no trigger and will again wait for the data. If the data still does not come, the cycle repeats.
If the trigger event does not occur for a long time, then the length of the sensor’s timeout needs to be increased or the trigger needs to be re-armed manually.
If no trigger event is detected.
If there is a communication problem with the sensor. In this case, close the application, disconnect sensor, and reopen application and reconnect the sensor. If the problem persists, contact an Anritsu service center.
Clearing the Non-Volatile Data Flash
Information such as a user-defined setup saved in the sensor needs to be removed from the USB power sensors if it is moved out of a secure facility. This can be accomplished by using the secure mode to completely wipe the non-volatile, 4 MB DATA FLASH of all user-saved information. The user sets the secure mode via PowerXpert. When PowerXpert is next started, the non-volatile flash is completely purged of all user-saved information. The power sensor then sets the factory defaults for the current settings.
Click Settings | Secure Mode. A warning dialog box appears.
Secure Mode Warning
Click OK. Shut down and then restart PowerXpert. The power sensor now powers up with the non-volatile memory completely purged. The secure state can also be set over the USB using the “DELETE” remote command.