PowerXpert™ Help : Using the MA24106A : Introduction
This chapter describes using the MA24106A USB power sensor and the PowerXpert PC buttons and menus described in Using USB Power Sensors with PowerXpert. If an Anritsu series handheld instrument is being used with the power sensor, refer to the user documentation that came with the handheld instrument for procedures on operating external power sensors.
Sensor Connector Overview
The MA24106A power sensor connectors are shown in Figure: MA24106A Sensor Connector Overview.
MA24106A Sensor Connector Overview
RF Input: N Type Connector (Torque connector at 12 lbf·in [1.35 N·m])
2-color LED (reports functional status of the sensor)
Green: Sensor ON, Status OK
Amber: Error or Programming Condition
USB Mini-B Port (for connection with a PC or Anritsu handheld instrument)