PowerXpert™ Help : Using the MA24x08A, MA24x18A, and MA24126A
Using the MA24x08A, MA24x18A, and MA24126A
Sensor Connector Overview
Basic Power Measurement
Connecting the DUT
Zeroing the Sensor
Calibrating the Sensor
Applying a Calibration Factor Correction
Measurement Factors
High Crest Factor Signals (peak to average ratio)
Multitone Signals
Advanced Features / Enhanced Modulation
Noise and Averaging
Average Value of Time Varying Signals
Settling Time
Noise and Time Resolution in Scope Mode
Optimizing Internal Triggering
Noise Floor in Scope Mode
Optimizing the Readings
Uncertainty of a Measurement
Measurement Uncertainty Calculator
Uncertainty Examples
Error Messages
This chapter describes using the MA24108A, MA24118A, and MA24126A USB power sensors with the Anritsu PowerXpert PC application buttons and menus described in Using USB Power Sensors with PowerXpert. If an Anritsu series handheld instrument is being used with the power sensor, refer to the user documentation that came with the handheld instrument for procedures on operating external power sensors.