Spectrum Analyzer Measurement Guide : General Information
General Information
Selecting a Measurement Mode
Contacting Anritsu
This Measurement Guide describes the test and measurement functions of Anritsu RF and Microwave Handheld Instruments. Basic spectrum analyzer functions are included with most Anritsu handheld instruments. Other functions are available only when the related option is installed and activated:
Interference Analyzer (Option 25)
Channel Scanner (Option 27)
CW Signal Generator (Option 28)
Coverage Mapping (Option 431)
AM/FM/PM Analyzer (Option 509)
EMF (Option 444)
Screen captured images contained in this document are provided as examples. Illustrations of menu maps, or menu trees, may show submenu keys that display only under certain conditions. The actual displays, screen menus, and measurement details may differ based on instrument model, firmware version, installed options, and current instrument settings.
Selecting a Measurement Mode
To switch to another measurement mode, or application:
1. Press the Shift front panel key, followed by Mode (9). The Mode Selector dialog opens.
2. Use the arrow keys or rotary knob, or press the touch screen to highlight the desired measurement mode. The list of available applications depends on the options that are installed and activated on your instrument. See Figure: Mode Selector Dialog Box.
3. Press Enter.
Mode Selector Dialog Box
On instruments that have a front panel Menu key, an alternate method of changing the measurement mode is to press Menu, then press the appropriate application icon on the touch screen.
Menu Key Screen - Application Icons and User-Defined Shortcuts