PIM Master™ Passive Intermodulation Analyzer User Guide : General Information : Connection Diagram
Connection Diagram
The PIM Master is shipped with an Anritsu Interconnect Cable Assembly (part number: 2000‑1635‑R). The assembly includes the 3 cables that are needed to connect the PIM Master to a PIM Compatible Anritsu handheld instrument.
BNC to BNC cable (2000‑1627‑R)
USB Type A to USB Type B (2000‑1628‑R)
Test Port Extension Cable, Armored, 1.5 meters (15NN50‑1.5C)
PIM Master Connection Diagram
The 7/16 DIN connector cable (useful for connecting the PIM Master to the device under test) is not included but can be ordered from Anritsu:
Test Port Cable, 3 meters (2000‑1626‑R)
PIM testing is not a replacement for line sweeping but is an additional tool to test a cellular system. PIM is a measure of system linearity as compared to line sweeping, which is a measure of system impedance. Both tests are critical to validate a cellular system.