PIM Master™ Passive Intermodulation Analyzer User Guide : General Information : PIM Master Firmware Update
PIM Master Firmware Update
Please check the Anritsu PIM Master Web page for firmware upgrade procedures. If further assistance is needed, then contact Anritsu at + 1‑800‑ANRITSU (+ 1‑800‑267‑4878).
To determine the current firmware version of your PIM Master, use the following procedure on your Anritsu Handheld instrument, which must be connected to the PIM Master (refer to Figure: PIM Master Connection Diagram):
1. Press the Shift and System (8) keys to display the System menu.
2. Press the Application Self Test submenu key to display the PIM Self Test menu.
The Application Self Test list box displays the result of testing the current application, which is the PIM analyzer or the DTP analyzer, whichever you are using.
3. Press the PIM Self Test submenu key.
4. The Application Self Test list box provides the results of the PIM Self Test and also displays the firmware version number. Refer to Figure: PIM Self Test Displays Firmware Version.
PIM Self Test Displays Firmware Version
Secure Environment Workplace
Refer to the Anritsu handheld instrument User Guide.
For USB storage, Anritsu recommends part number 2000‑1520‑R USB Flash Drive.