PIM Master™ Passive Intermodulation Analyzer User Guide : Distance‑to‑PIM™ (DTP) : Sweep/Setup Menu
Sweep/Setup Menu
Key Sequence: Sweep/Setup
DTP Sweep/Setup Menu
Output Power
Press this submenu key to set the output power level for both carrier frequencies, F1 and F2. Options are 20 W (43 dBm), 30 W (45 dBm), 40 W (46 dBm).
Note: Power output value from the Test port is twice the set output value. For example, when Setup > Output Power is set to 20 W, total output power is 40 W.
20 W (F1) + 20 W (F2) = 40 W
Test Duration
Press this submenu key to set the length of time that the Test Port will deliver power after Measurements > Test is pressed. Range for the test is 1 second to 60 seconds. Use the arrow keys, the rotary knob, or the numeric keypad. If you use the numeric keypad, then the Units menu of the Test Duration menu is displayed.
Press this submenu key to display the current trace sweep, and to repeat the sweep.
Max Hold‑>A
Press this submenu key to display the maximum value for data points from continuous trace sweeps.
Press this submenu key to display the DTP Parameters window (Figure: DTP Parameters Window) and the DTP Aid menu.
The Output Power setting can also be initiated by highlighting its value in the DTP Parameters window. Refer to Figure: DTP Parameters Window.
Units Menu
This menu is displayed when the Test Duration submenu key is pressed followed by the use of the numeric keypad to enter a number of seconds for the desired test duration. The Test Duration submenu key is in the Sweep/Setup menu.
DTP Test Duration (Units) Menu
Press this submenu key after keying in a test duration (in seconds) with the numeric keypad. Pressing the Enter key also sets the value in seconds.