Power Meter Measurement Guide : General Information : Product Information, Compliance, and Safety
Product Information, Compliance, and Safety
Read the Handheld Instruments Product Information, Compliance, and Safety Guide (PN: 10100-00065) for important safety, legal, and regulatory notices before operating the equipment. For additional information and literature covering your product, visit the product page of your instrument on http://www.anritsu.com/ and select the Library tab.
Not all instrument models offer every option. Please refer to the Technical Data Sheet of your instrument for available options.
Contacting Anritsu
To contact Anritsu, please visit:
From here, you can select the latest sales, select service and support contact information in your country or region, provide feedback, complete a “Talk to Anritsu” form to have your questions answered, or obtain other services offered by Anritsu.
Updated product information can be found on the Anritsu web site:
Search for the product model number. The latest documentation is on the product page under the Library tab.