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Remote Electrical Tilt Device Test (Option 761)
Many RRHs have integrated Remote Electrical Tilt (RET) controllers, allowing operators to monitor and remotely make adjustments to the tilt angle of antennas. Option 761 adds RET device test capabilities to the BBU Emulation functions of Option 760. Without Option 761 installed and activated, you can still perform a scan of the CPRI links and view the status of any connected RET devices.
Option 761 provides a communications interface to the RET device via the RRH over a CPRI link. The device type can be Single Antenna, Multi-Antenna, eAntenna, or Tower-Mounted Amplifier (TMA).
The Anritsu test instrument scans for RET devices connected to the RRH and will report on device status and alarms. You can also calibrate and set up an RET device, query its status, and generate reports listing the current configuration of all the devices.