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BBU Script Download
Script files are included with the Option 760 firmware. Follow this procedure only if you have custom scripts that you want to download to the Anritsu test instrument. The script folder must be named aluscripts and reside in a directory named BBUEmulationScripts on a USB storage device.
1. Insert the USB device containing the script files into the test instrument USB port.
2. With the instrument running in CPRI Mode, press the Measurements main menu key at the bottom of the touch screen, then press BBU Emulation.
3. Press Script Manager followed by USB Download. An error message is displayed if no USB device is connected or no BBU script folder is found, with the correct name and directory structure. Refer to Script Manager Menu.
4. Select the scripts from the list and press Copy Selected To Internal Memory.
BBU Scripts Download Screen
5. Press Back to return to the BBU Emulation menu.