CPRI LTE RF Analyzer and BBU Emulator : CPRI LTE RF Analyzer : Custom Settings Menu
Custom Settings Menu
Key Sequence: Measurements > CPRI Configure > SFP Port1 Config > Radio Presets > Custom Settings
The same configuration menus are available for SFP Port 1 and Port 2.
Custom Settings Menu
IQ Bit Width
Press this key to display the Select IQ Width list box. Selectable values are: 10, 12, 15, and 16. Use the touch screen, arrow keys, or rotary knob to highlight the desired IQ bit width, then press Enter.
No. of Reserve Bits
Press this submenu key, then use the numeric keypad, the arrow keys, or the rotary knob to set the number of reserve bits (or stuffing bits). The available range of values is 0 through 10. For LTE, 0 and 6 are common reserve bit values.
CPRI Aggregation
Off On
Press this submenu key to toggle CPRI aggregation Off or On. Refer to CPRI Aggregation.
IQ Mapping
Method1 Method3
Press this submenu key to toggle between mapping methods 1 and 3. Refer to IQ Bit Mapping.
Reserve Container Count
With most radio manufacturers, the IQ samples start at the beginning of the CPRI data flow. If your carrier uses a different frame structure, set this value to shift the start location of the IQ data block within the CPRI stream. For example, a Reserve Container Count of 4 will offset the location of container group AxC0 to container number 4, skipping containers 0 through 3.
This parameter value overrides the Reserve Containers Off/On setting you may have chosen for your Ericsson radio preset.
Returns to the Radio Presets Menu.