CPRI LTE RF Analyzer and BBU Emulator : CPRI LTE RF Analyzer : Sweep Menu
Sweep Menu
Key Sequence: Shift > Sweep (3)
Sweep Menu
Sweep Single/Continuous
This submenu key toggles between continuous sweep and single sweep. In single sweep mode, the results of a sweep are displayed on the screen while the instrument awaits a trigger event to start a new sweep.
Sweep Once
When Sweep is set to Single, Sweep Once triggers a single measurement sweep. This key has no function when the instrument is in continuous sweep mode.
Sweep # Averages:
Sweeps the number of times set using the # of Averages button under the Trace A Ops menu. Trace A must be set to Averaging (Shift > Trace(5) key > Trace A Operations > Average‑>A) for this menu to function. Each trace is displayed using the exponential average of each sweep.