Cable and Antenna Analyzer Measurement Guide : Cable and Antenna Analyzer : Freq Menu : Signal Standard Menu
Signal Standard Menu
Key Sequence: Freq/Dist > Signal Standard
Signal Standard Menu
Select Standard
Opens the Signal Standards dialog box. Select the signal standard using the arrow keys, the rotary knob, or the touch screen. When a signal standard is selected, the start and stop frequency is automatically set. Other settings, such as channel spacing and integration bandwidth, are also automatically entered.
Display All/Fav
Toggles between showing all signal standards based on the UpLink, Downlink, or UpLink plus DownLink selection or displaying the signal standard selected as favorites.
Select/Deselect Favorite
Selects the signal standard is the dialog box. Signal names selected as favorites have an “*” in the Fav column of the dialog box. Press Enter or Save Favorites to save.
Save Favorites
Saves the signal selected to the favorites list.
Top of List
Moves the selection to the first signal standard in the list.
Page Up
Moves up one page view from the current signal name.
Moves down one page view from the current signal name.
Bottom of List
Moves the selection to the last signal standard in the list.
Press Esc to return to the Signal Standard menu.
Press to display only uplink frequencies.
Press to display only downlink frequencies.
UpLink plus Downlink
Press to display both uplink and downlink frequencies.
After pressing one of the above three keys, press Select Standard to see the results reflected in the Signal Standard dialog box.
Returns to the Freq Menu.