Cable and Antenna Analyzer Measurement Guide : Cable and Antenna Analyzer : Sweep/Setup Menu
Sweep/Setup Menu
Key Sequence: Sweep/Setup
Sweep/Setup Menu
Toggles between Run and Hold. When in Hold mode, pressing this key starts the sweeping and provides a trigger. When in the Run mode, pressing this key pauses the sweep.
Sweep Type
This toggles the sweep between single sweep and continuous sweep. In single sweep mode, each sweep must be activated by the Run/Hold key.
RF Immunity, High / Low
The instrument defaults to RF Immunity High and is the suggested setting. See RF Immunity High / Low for details.
Data Points
Opens the data points dialog box. Use the touch screen to set the number of data points: 137, 275, 551, 1102, or 2204.
Opens the Average/Smoothing submenu.
Toggles Averaging on or off.
Averaging Factor:
Enter the number of running averages using the arrow keys, rotary knob, or the keypad.
Press the Restart key to start the averaging sequence from the beginning.
Smoothing %
Smoothing calculates a rolling average of the trace data. Valid entries range from 0 % (no smoothing) to 10 % (max. smoothing).
Returns to the Sweep/Setup menu.
Output Power
The power level defaults to High for all 1-port measurements (approximately 0 dBm). It can be changed to Low (approximately –35 dBm) if needed.
RF Pwr When Hold:
Toggles RF Power On or Off when sweep is in Hold mode.