Cable and Antenna Analyzer Measurement Guide : Cable and Antenna Analyzer : Trace Menu
Trace Menu
Key Sequence: Shift > Trace (5) key
Trace Menu

Recall Trace
Opens the Recall dialog box to recall a previously saved measurement. See the User Guide for more information about recalling measurements. If the setup of the recalled trace is the same as the current settings, the trace is displayed in white and copied to display memory for use in Trace Math.
Copy Trace to Memory
Copies the current trace display to memory for use in Trace Math.
No Trace Math
The active trace is shown with as is with no math functions.
Trace + Memory
Displays the sum of the active trace and the trace in memory.
Trace – Memory
Displays the difference between the active trace and the trace in memory.
(Trace + Memory)/2
The graph of (Trace + Memory) / 2 is the result of adding the memory trace to the active trace and then dividing the result by 2.
This trace math function is most useful when measuring one-port Cable Loss (using the Cable Loss measurement).
Connect a Short to the end of the cable, create a trace, and store the trace into memory.
Next, connect an Open to the end of the cable and apply
(Trace + Memory) / 2 trace math function.
Because the ripple generated by the Short and Open are 180° out-of-phase with each other, the effect of this math function will be to cancel out the ripple resulting in a more accurate cable-loss measurement.
Trace Overlay
Displays both the recalled trace (white) if a trace is stored in memory and the current trace (yellow) (ON), or only the current trace (OFF).