S331E, S332E, S361E, S362E Site Master™MS2711E, MS2712E, MS2713E Spectrum Master™MT8212E, MT8213E Cell Master™ Programming Manual : Tracking Generator Commands : :MEASure Subsystem
:MEASure Subsystem
These commands take the instrument from its current state, enable the specified measurement and put the instrument into single sweep mode. They correct any parameters that are invalid given the new measurement state such that a valid measurement can take place. Other settings may be changed; see the documentation of CONFigure for each measurement. They then initiate the measurement. When the measurement is complete, they return the result.
To make a measurement with settings other than the “default” measurement settings applied by CONFigure, do the following:
Send the appropriate CONFigure command to set the desired measurement.
Modify the settings as required.
Send the appropriate READ command to measure and return the result.
To get the current measurement data, use the appropriate FETCh command.
Measure Tracking Generator Absolute Statistics
Sets the active measurement to tracking generator with absolute statistics on, sets the default measurement parameters, triggers a new measurement and returns the results.
It is a combination of the commands :CONFigure:GENerator POWStats and :READ:TGENerator:POWStats?
For a description of the default tracking generator absolute statistics measurement parameters, see :CONFigure:GENerator:TRACking.
To make a tracking generator absolute statistics measurement with settings other than the default values, send:
:CONFigure:GENerator POWStats
Commands to set desired settings
:READ:TGENerator: POWStats?
Data are returned as three comma-separated values: Max Power, Min Power, Average Power.
Default Unit
Current amplitude units
Related Command
Front Panel Access
Shift-4 (Measure), Generator, Settings, Power Statistics