S331E, S332E, S361E, S362E Site Master™MS2711E, MS2712E, MS2713E Spectrum Master™MT8212E, MT8213E Cell Master™ Programming Manual : AM/FM/PM Commands : :TRACe Subsystem
:TRACe Subsystem
This subsystem contains commands related to the transfer of trace data to and from the instrument.
Trace Data Transfer
This command transfers data from the controlling program to the instrument. The query form transfers trace data from the instrument to the controller. Data are transferred to the instrument enclosed in parentheses as (<header><block>) and from the instrument as <header><block>.
The ASCII header specifies the number of data bytes. It looks like #AX, where A is the number of digits in X and X is the number of bytes in the <block>. The format of the block data in the query form is specified by :FORMat:DATA. The block data in the command form is always sent in ASCII format.
To acquire the data from the trace in the instrument, send :TRACe[:DATA]? A 551 point trace is returned as #42204<block data>. <block> data could be in either INTeger,32 or REAL,32 format. In both cases, there is 4 bytes per data point. So, 4 bytes per point * 551 data points gives 2204 bytes in <block> data. This example assumes that :FORMat:DATA INTeger,32 or :FORMat:DATA REAL,32 has been sent to the instrument before the query command is sent.
The query command returns a #0 if data are invalid for the active trace.
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