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:FETCh GPS Subsystem
Use this command to get GPS information.
Fetch GPS Information
Required Option
Returns the GPS fix status, UTC timing information, and the GPS location. The results are returned in a set of comma‑delimited values in the following format:
<fix status>, <date/time>, <latitude>, <longitude>
The <fix status> field is either “GOOD FIX” or “NO FIX”, depending whether the GPS receiver is currently calculating position data. If “NO FIX” is the value of the <fix status> field, then no data follows.
The date and time (<date/time> field) are returned in the following format:
Www Mmm dd hh:mm:ss yyyy
Where Www is the weekday in letters, Mmm is the month in letters, dd is the day of the month, hh:mm:ss is the time (24‑hour time), and yyyy is the year.
Both <latitude> and <longitude> fields are expressed in radians. A negative latitude value corresponds to a “south” reading. A negative longitude value corresponds to a “west” reading.
Related Command
Front Panel Access
Shift‑8 (System), GPS, GPS Info