S331E, S332E, S361E, S362E Site Master™MS2711E, MS2712E, MS2713E Spectrum Master™MT8212E, MT8213E Cell Master™ Programming Manual : CDMA Commands : :FORMat Subsystem
:FORMat Subsystem
This subsystem contains commands that determine the formatting of numeric data when it is transferred.
The format setting affects data in specific commands only. If a command is affected, it is noted in the command description.
:FORMat[:READings][:DATA] ASCii|INTeger,32|REAL,32
Numeric Data Format
This command specifies the format in which data is returned in certain commands.
ASCii format returns the data in comma-separated ASCII format. The units are the current instrument units. This format requires many more bytes so it is the slowest format. INTeger 32 values are signed 32-bit integers in little-endian byte order. This format returns the data in 4-byte blocks.
Both INTeger,32 and REAL,32 formats return a definite block length. Each transfer begins with an ASCII header such as #42204. The first digit represents the number of following digits in the header (in this example, 4). The remainder of the header indicates the number of bytes that follow the header (in this example, 2204). You then divide the number of following bytes by the number of bytes in the data format you’ve chosen (4 for both INTeger,32 and REAL,32) to get the number of data points (in this example, 551).
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