Site MasterCable and Antenna Analyzer with Spectrum Analyzer User Guide : General Information : Secure Environment Workplace
Secure Environment Workplace
This section details the types of memory in the Site Master, how to delete stored user files in internal memory, and recommended usage in a secure environment workplace.
Site Master Memory Types
The instrument contains non-volatile disk-on-a-chip memory, EEPROM, and volatile DRAM memory. The instrument does not have a hard disk drive or any other type of volatile or non-volatile memory.
Disk-On-A-Chip (DOC)
DOC is used for storage of instrument firmware, factory calibration information, user measurements, setups, and .jpg screen images. User information stored on the DOC is erased by the master reset process described below.
This memory stores the model number, serial number, and calibration data for the instrument. Also stored here are the user-set operating parameters such as frequency range. During the master reset process, all operating parameters stored in the EEPROM are set to standard factory default values.
RAM Memory
This is volatile memory used to store parameters needed for the normal operation of the instrument along with current measurements. This memory is reset whenever the instrument is restarted.
External USB Flash Drive (not included with the instrument)
This memory may be selected as the destination for saved measurements and setups for the instrument. The user can also copy the contents of the internal disk-on-chip memory to the external flash memory for storage or data transfer. The external Flash USB can be reformatted or sanitized using software on a PC.
Refer to File Management for additional information on saving and copying files to the USB flash drive.
Erase All User Files in Internal Memory
Perform a Master Reset:
1. Turn the instrument on.
2. Press the Shift button, then the System (8) button.
3. Press the System Options submenu key.
4. Press the Reset key, then the Master Reset key.
A message box will be displayed to warn the user that all settings will be returned to factory default values and all user files will be deleted. This is a standard file deletion and does not involve overwriting existing information.
5. Press the ENTER button to complete the master reset.
6. The instrument will reboot and the reset is complete.
Recommended Usage in a Secure Environment
Set the Site Master to save files to the external USB Flash drive:
1. Attach the external Flash drive and turn the instrument on.
2. Press the Shift button, then the File (7) button.
3. Press the Save submenu key.
4. Press the Change Save Location submenu key, then select the USB drive with the rotary knob, Up/Down arrow keys, or the touch screen.
5. Press the Set Location submenu key.
The external USB drive is now the default location for saving files.
Not all USB drives are compatible with the instrument. Many drives come with a second partition that contains proprietary firmware. This partition must be removed. Only one partition is allowed. Refer to the individual manufacturer for instructions on how to remove it. Some drives can be made to work by reformatting them using the FAT32 format.