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Turn on Markers
1. Press the Marker main menu key.
2. Press the Marker 1 2 3 4 5 6 submenu key and select the marker number 1 button using the touch screen. The underlined number on the Marker submenu key indicates the active marker.
3. Use the arrow keys, the keypad, or the rotary knob to move the marker. The current value for the selected marker is shown above the upper-left corner of the graph. It is also possible to drag the marker using the touch screen.
4. Delta Markers are available for each of the six reference markers. For the selected marker, Toggle the Delta On/Off submenu key to turn on the Delta marker.
Peak/Valley Auto Markers
When making Return Loss and VSWR measurements, the Peak/Valley Auto feature can be used to automatically turn on Marker 1 to peak, Marker 2 to valley, and display M1 and M2 in the Marker Table. This feature is not available for DTF measurements.
1. Press the Marker main menu key.
2. Press the Peak/Valley Auto key.