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Managing Files
Press the Shift key, then the File (7) key on the numeric keypad to display the File menu.
When navigating through the File menu, press the Esc key to return to the previous menu or submenu. Any changes not yet applied (by pressing Enter) are canceled.
File Types
Under the Save, Recall, Copy, and Delete menus, press the Change Type or the File Type submenu key to open the Select File Type list box, where you can select the desired file type.
Available file types depend on the current instrument mode. The Select File Type list box may contain the following entries:
ALL (displays all file types)
Setup, *.stp
(Setup files contain basic instrument information, measurement mode setup details, measurement marker data, and limit data.)
Measurement, *.spa, *.dat, *.vna, *.ia, *.cs, *.edg, *.wcd, *.tds, *.cdma, *.evdo, *.wmxd, *.wmxe, *.afp
(Measurement files contain all of the information in the setup files and the measurement data. File extensions are determined by the current measurement mode and selected file type.)
JPEG, *.jpg
(Image file is a screen capture of the current measurement display.)
Limit Lines, *.lim
(The Limit Line file contains limit line data details.)
Spurious Emission Mask, *.spe
(The Spurious Emission Mask file contains the frequency, amplitude, and other information related to segments in an out-of-band spurious emission mask.)
KML 2D, *.kml
KML 3D, *.kml
Mapping Tab Delimited, *.mtd
You can also use the touch screen to open the drop down list for the Filetype entry box, as shown in Figure: Save Dialog Box.