Site MasterCable and Antenna Analyzer with Spectrum Analyzer User Guide : Measurement Guides : Introduction
This appendix provides a list of supplemental documentation for Site Master features and options. These manuals are available as PDF files on the Anritsu website.
Analyzers and Analyzer Options  (Sheet 1 of 2)
Site Master Feature (Required Option)
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All Anritsu Handheld Instruments
Important Product Information, Compliance and Safety Notices
Spectrum Analyzer
PIM Hunting
Interference Analyzer (Option 25)
Channel Scanner (Option 27)
C/W Signal Generator (Option 28)
Gated Sweep (Option 90)
Coverage Mapping (Option 431)
EMF Measurements (Option 444)
AM/FM/PM Analyzer (Option 509)
Spectrum Analyzer Measurement Guide (10580‑00349)
High-Accuracy Power Meter (Option 19)
Power Meter (Option 29)
Power Meter Measurement Guide (10580‑00240)
Cable and Antenna Analyzer
Cable and Antenna Analyzer Measurement Guide
Bias-Tee (Option 10)
2-Port Transmission Measurement (Option 21)
2-Port Transmission Measurement Guide (10580‑00242)
Maintenance Manual
Site Master Maintenance Manual (10580-00253)
SCPI Programming Manual
Site Master Programming Manual (10580-00256)
PIM Analyzer (supported on legacy instruments only)
PIM Master User Guide (10580-00280)
CPRI LTE RF Measurements (Option 752; requires Option 759)
The combination of Option 752 and Option 759 is functionally identical to obsolete Option 751.
CPRI LTE RF Analyzer Measurement Guide (10580-00415)
OBSAI LTE RF Measurements (Option 753; requires Option 759)
OBSAI LTE RF Analyzer Measurement Guide (10580-00434)
EMF Measurements (Option 444)
EMF Measurement Guide (10580-00455)
Performance Specifications
Site Master Technical Data Sheet (11410-00484)
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