Spectrum Masterâ„¢ Handheld Spectrum Analyzer User Guide : Instrument Overview : Turning On the Spectrum Master
Turning On the Spectrum Master
The Anritsu Spectrum Master is capable of approximately three hours of continuous operation from a fully charged, field-replaceable battery (refer to Battery Replacement). The Spectrum Master can also be operated from a 12 VDC source (which will simultaneously charge the battery). This can be achieved with either the Anritsu AC-DC Adapter or the Automotive Power Adapter. Both items are included as standard accessories with the Spectrum Master. Refer to the instrument Technical Data Sheet.
When using the Automotive Power Adapter, always verify that the supply is rated for a minimum of 60 Watts @ 12 VDC, and that the socket is clear of any dirt or debris. If the adapter plug becomes hot to the touch during operation, discontinue use immediately.
To turn on the Spectrum Master, press the green On/Off button on the front panel (see Figure: Spectrum Master Front Panel and Interface Screen).
The Spectrum Master takes approximately 60 seconds to complete power-up and to load the application software. At the completion of this process, the instrument is ready for use.
Keep the fan inlet and exhaust ports clear of obstructions at all times for proper ventilation and cooling of the instrument.