Spectrum Masterâ„¢ Handheld Spectrum Analyzer User Guide : Instrument Overview : Soft Carrying Case
Soft Carrying Case
The Spectrum Master can be operated while in the soft carrying case. On the back of the case is a large storage pouch for accessories and supplies.
To install the instrument into the soft carrying case:
1. The front panel of the case is secured with hook-and-loop fasteners. Fully close the front panel of the case. When closed, the front panel supports the shape of the case while you are inserting the Spectrum Master.
2. Place the soft carrying case face down on a stable surface, with the front panel fully closed and laying flat.
The soft case has two zippers near the back. The zipper closer to the front of the case opens to install and remove the instrument. The zipper closer to the back of the case opens an adjustable support panel that can be used to provide support for improved stability and air flow while the instrument is in the case. This support panel also contains the storage pouch.
3. Open the zippered back of the case.
4. Insert the instrument face down into the case, take care that the connectors are properly situated in the case top opening. You may find it easier to insert the connectors first, then pull the corners over the bottom of the Spectrum Master.
Instrument Inserted into the Soft Carrying Case
5. Close the back panel and secure with the zipper to secure the Spectrum Master.
The soft carrying case includes a detachable shoulder strap, which can be connected to the D-rings of the case.
The soft case has panel openings for the fan inlet and exhaust ports. Do not block the air flow through the panels when the unit is operating.