Spectrum Masterâ„¢ Handheld Spectrum Analyzer User Guide : Quick Start Guide : Spectrum Analyzer : Set the Amplitude
Set the Amplitude
Press the Amplitude main menu key to display the Amplitude menu.

Set Amplitude Reference Level and Scale
1. Press the Reference Level submenu key and use the arrow keys, rotary knob, or the keypad to change the reference level. Press Enter to set the reference level value.
2. Press the Scale submenu key and use the arrow keys, rotary knob, or the keypad to enter the desired scale. Press Enter to set the scale value.

Set Amplitude Range and Scale
1. Press the Auto Atten submenu key to set an optimal reference level based on the measured signal.
2. Press the Scale submenu key.
3. Enter the desired scale units by using the keypad, the arrow keys, or the rotary knob. Press Enter to set. The y-axis scale is automatically renumbered.
Reference Level Offset for External Loss or External Gain
To obtain accurate measurements, compensate for any external attenuation or gain by using the RL Offset submenu. The compensation factor is in dB. External attenuation can be created by using an external cable or an external high power attenuator, external gain is typically from an amplifier.
To adjust the reference level for either gain or loss, press the RL Offset submenu key and enter a positive dB value and then press the appropriate submenu key (dB External Gain or dB External Loss). The new RL Offset value will be displayed on the instrument and reference level is adjusted.
Set the Span
1. Press the Span main menu key or the Freq main menu key followed by the Span submenu key.
2. To select full span, press the Full Span submenu key. Selecting full span overrides any previously set Start and Stop frequencies.
3. For a single frequency measurement, press the Zero Span submenu key.
To quickly move the span value up or down, press the Span Up 1-2-5 or Span Down 1-2-5 submenu keys These keys facilitate a zoom-in, zoom-out feature in a 1-2-5 sequence.