Spectrum Master™ Handheld Spectrum Analyzer User Guide : Anritsu Tool Box : Software Tools
Software Tools
The Anritsu Tool Box provides links to the software tools installed on your PC. Alternatively, you can launch an application using its desktop shortcut or through the Windows Start menu.
The following sections list the top features and functions of the tools contained in the Anritsu Tool Box that are compatible with this instrument model. For a detailed description of these features and how to perform specific tasks, refer to each application’s Help system. The program Help also lists the instrument models, measurement modes, trace types, and file types that are compatible with that application.
Line Sweep Tools (LST)
Line Sweep Tools is post-capture trace processing software designed for users who need to analyze and generate reports on large numbers of cable, antenna, and PIM traces. Software features include:
Measurement plot data capture and transfer from the instrument to a PC
Marker and limit line presets
Return Loss, Distance-to-Fault, PIM analysis
LMR Master and VNA Master Field Mode compatibility
Plot overlay for comparison of up to ten traces of the same measurement type
Plot area zooming
A naming grid for renaming files, titles, and subtitles
Automated report generation
Output to printer or to PDF or HTML format
Export of plot data to text, image, or VNA files
Master Software Tools (MST)
Master Software Tools is designed for users of Anritsu handheld spectrum analyzers, interference analysis tools, transmission testers, and backhaul testers. Supported functions include the following:
Transfer of captured measurement data to and from a PC for storage and analysis
RF Spectrum Analyzer traces
RF Interference analysis
Spectrum monitoring
Transmitter signal quality tests
T1, T3, and E1 backhaul tests
Trace overlay features for comparing multiple Spectrum Analyzer measurements
Limit lines and markers
Script Master for the creation of automated test procedures
Export of measurement data as text, graphic, or Comma Separated Value format (CSV) files
Reports created in HTML format for use in other applications
easyTest Tools
easyTest Tools is used to create work instruction files that consist of a command sequence and intructions to help less experienced personnel with operating the instrument in the field.
A drag-and-drop tool facilitates the creation of a test sequence from a library of commands.
Instructions can be a mix of textual prompts and graphic images.
Sample procedure files (.ett) are included with easyTest Tools.
Command sequences are delivered electronically and loaded on the instrument, where they are recalled with a press of a button.
Recall Setup places the instrument in the proper mode for the measurement by retrieving saved parameters such as measurement type, frequency and amplitude settings, markers and limit lines.
The current measurement setup or the screen display can be saved manually or automatically.