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Spectrum Master™ User Guide
Safety Symbols
General Information
Available Models
Standard Accessories for Models MS272xB
Additional Documents
Spectrum Master Specifications
Anritsu Reference Documents
Battery Replacement
Soft Carrying Case
Secure‑Environment Workplace
Instrument Overview
Hardware Overview
Front Panel Overview
Front Panel Keys
Mode Selector Menu
Secondary Function Menus
Display Overview
Parameter Setting
Test Panel Connectors
Symbols and Indicators
Firmware Overview
Quick Start Guide
Measurement Setup
Set the Measurement Frequency
Set the Amplitude
Set the Span
DTV Measurements
Setting Up Limit Lines
Setting Up Markers
Selecting a Measurement Type
Saving Measurements
Master Software Tools
File Management
Managing Files
Save Files
Recall Files
Copying Files
Deleting Files
File Menu Overview
File Menu
Save Menu
Save Location Menu
Save On Event Menu
Recall Menu
Copy Menu
Delete Menu
File Management — ISDB‑T SFN
Managing Files
File Menu Overview
File Menu
Save Menu
Recall Menu
Delete Menu
Directory Management Menu
System Operation
System Menu Overview
System Menu
System Options Menu
Reset Menu
Preset Menu
Self Test
Update Firmware
GPS (Option 31)
Setting Up GPS (Option 31)
Master Software Tools
Master Software Tools Overview
MST Feature Overview
Updating Instrument Firmware
Emergency Repair Procedure
Measurement Guides
Error Messages
Self Test or Application Self Test Error Messages
Operation Error Messages
Ethernet Configuration
ipconfig Tool
Ping Tool
Anritsu Company