VectorStar™ MS464xB Series Microwave Vector Network Analyzer User Interface Reference : Overview : Documentation Conventions
Documentation Conventions
Instrument Identification
Throughout this manual, the following term definitions are used:
VectorStar VNA refers to any VectorStar VNA instrument or system.
VNA refers to any VectorStar standalone VNA instrument.
MS4640B or MS464xB may refer to any MS4642B, MS4644B, MS4645B, or MS4647B VNA.
When required to identify a specific VNA model, the specific model number is used, such as MS4647B.
Many of the images in this document are used as typical representations of the user interface. Your instrument and instrument displays may vary slightly from these images.
Hard Keys or Front Panel Keys
Front panel hard keys are denoted with a bold Sans Serif font such as “Press the front panel Frequency key.”
User Interface, Menus, and Soft Buttons
The MS464xB Series VNA user interface consists of menus, button lists, sub-menus, toolbars, and dialog boxes. All of these elements are denoted with a regular Sans Serif font, such as the CALIBRATION menu or the AutoCal button.
User Interface Navigation
The prior object such as a menu or dialog box that was used to navigate to the current object is always identified with a “Previous” cross reference line. In some cases, multiple menus can link to the same sub-menu/dialog.
Elements in navigation shortcuts or paths (identified as “Navigation”) are separated with the pipe symbol (“|”). Menu and dialog box names are distinctive font in CAPITALS. Button names are in Title Case. For example, the path to the AUTOCAL menu is:
MAIN | Calibration | CALIBRATION | Calibrate | CALIBRATE | AutoCal | AUTOCAL PORT
User Input
User input such as entering values or other information is denoted in a mono-spaced font such as:
This font denotes a string of user input.