VectorStar™ MS464xB Series Microwave Vector Network Analyzer User Interface Reference : Power Menus – 2-Port VNAs : Factors Governing Structure/Availability of Power Menus
Factors Governing Structure/Availability of Power Menus
As mentioned before, the POWER menu and its related sub-menus vary in menu appearance, menu links, button presence, and button type (read/write vs. read-only) depending on a number of factors including:
Type of sweep set
Instrument model number
Installed options
Application receiver configuration mode
Frequency range configured
Sweep Types
The instrument sweep type setting changes the POWER Menu Set depending on if the Sweep Type is set to
Frequency-Based (Linear)
Frequency-Based (Log)
Segmented Sweep (either Frequency-Based or Index-Based)
Power Sweep (either CW Freq or Swept Freq)
VNA Model, Option, and Mode
For MS4642B, MS4644B, and MS4645B VNAs, the POWER menu variants depend on the sweep type selected above and whether Multiple Source and mmWave are selected.
For MS4647B VNAs without Option 8x, the POWER menu variants depend on the sweep type set above, and whether Multiple Source and BB/mmWave are selected.
For MS4647B VNAs, additional menu changes depend on the frequency range covered, the Receiver Configuration Mode if set to Modular Broadband or Modular Broadband with Multiple Source:
Modular Broadband requires a MS4647B with Option 8x and an attached 3739x Test Set. Menus change depending the sweep type set above and the frequency range set, particularly depending on below, across, and above 54 GHz.
Modular Broadband (MS4647B with Option 8x and Option 6x providing attenuators) with Multiple Source can be configured. If at least one band is configured with a frequency greater than 54 GHz, an additional button is present.
Attenuator Menu Button Availability
The available buttons in the ATTENUATORS menu depend on which attenuator option has been installed in the instrument and the sweep type setting.
Option 61 Installed – Port 1 Source Attenuator and Port 2 Test Attenuator
If Option 61 (Port 1 Source Attenuator and Port 2 Test Attenuator) is installed, only the first and fourth buttons are active. The other buttons are unavailable.
Option 62 Installed – Port 1 and Port 2 Source Attenuators, Port 1 and Port 2 Test Attenuators:
If Option 62 (Port 1 Source Attenuator, Port 2 Source Attenuator, Port 1 Test Attenuator, and Port 2 Test Attenuators) is installed, all buttons are available.
No Attenuator Options Installed
If neither attenuator option is installed, the Attenuators button (on the POWER or POWER SETUP menu) and the ATTENUATORS menu are unavailable. Contact Anritsu Customer Service for more information.